D4-1300 4 Channel Compact Digital Line Array Audio Amplifier

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  • D4-1300 4 Channel Compact Digital Line Array Audio Amplifier
  • D4-1300 4 Channel Compact Digital Line Array Audio Amplifier
  • D4-1300 4 Channel Compact Digital Line Array Audio Amplifier
  • D4-1300 4 Channel Compact Digital Line Array Audio Amplifier
  • D4-1300 4 Channel Compact Digital Line Array Audio Amplifier
  • D4-1300 4 Channel Compact Digital Line Array Audio Amplifier
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●1U ultra-thin body, lightweight and compact design
●High stability, high fidelity sound quality, sufficient power
●Strong bass, full and sweet mid-range, clear and delicate high-frequency
●High efficiency, energy conservation, and environmental protection. Saving operating expenses.
●With active PFC and soft-switching technology, the power correction factor can reach up to 0.99, providing strong adaptability.
●Work under a wide voltage range of 90V-270V, allowing it to adapt to harsh power grid environments and provide continuous power supply.
●With stable and reliable 2Ω driving capability, it is perfectly suited for line array speaker systems.
●Standby sleep mode, power-saving and durable
●ROHS and CE certified, with national quality inspection reports and energy-saving and environmental certifications, compliant with various 3C tests.
●High-end components from top international manufacturers, with advanced and reliable circuits.
●Strict and reliable production processes and user experience testing


Model D2-3000 D2-3500 D2-4200 D4-1300 D4-2000 D4-3000
EIAJ Test Standard,1 kHz, 1% THD 8Ω/Stereo 2 x 3000W 2 x 3500W 2 x 4200W 4 x 1300W 4 x 2000W 4 x 3000W
4Ω/Stereo 2 x 5000W 2 x 6300W 2 x 7800W 4 x 2400W 4 x 3400W 4 x 5000W
2Ω/Stereo 2 x 7140W 2 x 7400W 2 x 8500W 4 x 3000W 4 x 4760W 4 x 6500W
8Ω/Bridge 1 x 10200W 1 x 12500W 1 x 15600W 2 x 4800W 2 x 6800W 2 x 10000W
4Ω/Bridge 1 x 14280W 1 x 14800W 1 x 17000W 2 x 6000W 2 x 9520W 2 x 13000W
 Alternating Current Power Supply
Power PFC Power
Rated power demand 100-240V±10%, 50/60Hz
Operation voltage 90V-270V
Power correction factor cos(φ) >0.95 @ >500W
Standby 47W and 0.8A
Gain, Sensitivity 32dB,35dB,38dB,41dB
Maximum Output Voltage/Current 185V/85A (370V in the BRIDGE MODE)
Power Consumption 230V (115V in the BRIDGE MODE)
Environment temperature 0°-45C / 32′-113*F
Cooling system Tunnel through the cooling system
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz (1W@8Ω,+05 dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >110 dBA (20 Hz- 20 kHz A-weighted)
Crosstalk >66 dB @ 1 kHz
Input Impedance 10 kΩ balanced
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) <0.5% from 1 W to full power (Typitcal value<0.05%)
Intermodulation Distortion(IMD) <0.5% from 1 W to full power (Typical value< 0.05%)
Damping Factor (8 ohms) >5000 @ 20-200 Hz
Slew Rate 50V/μs @ 8Ω
 Front Panel
Indicator LED/per channel One PCS Green LED: the input signal of XLR ≥ -40dB;
Four pieces of Green LED:
display the output signal(-20dB,-10dB,-5dB,-3dB)of SPEAKON
1 piece dual LED(Yellow and Red):
Protective state/Clip state/Overheat/Overload
Power Switch Press "I"-on; Press "O"-off.
Dust-proof Two pieces of dust-proof cotton,
it can take off to clean from the bottom of the front panel
Signal in-connection 4 Channel: One balanced XLR(with lock)female per channel;
2 Channel One balanced XLR(with lock)female
and one balanced XLR male per channel.
Signal out-connection One SPEAKON per channel connects to loudspeakers
Power cord Fitted to the device, and the CSA(cross-sectional area)of the cord is 3 x 2.5mm²,
and the card is 1.5 meters long.
Multiple-Functions Switch Two Sensitivity Switches. One Mode Switch and one Clip Switch.
 Structure(The size and weight depend on different series and shipping demand )
Dimensions 482 x 44 x 380mm³/482 x 44 x 470 mm³
Net weight 10Kg/12kg
Packing size 580 x 580 x 119mm³/615 x 615 x 119 mm³
Shipping weight 12Kg/14Kg



Dimensions and Cooling system

The size is 437mm inside of the device(without the cover plate and front panel). The size is around 472mm of the complete device, but a little bit different size in the different front panel. Some series with different sizes have not been shown, please learn it in the parameter.

Tunnel through the cooling system
Cold air comes in from the front panel of the equipment, and forms a duct through the radiator to take the heat away and out from the rear panel of the equipment.



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